We develop strategies that allow our clients to create ongoing relationships with their important audiences.

We base our approach on the preferences, capabilities, and business objectives of our clients.

For some businesses, social media is an excellent tool for generating new leads as well as maintaining higher levels of engagement with existing clients and customers. Some institutions build communities and reach out with powerful educational messages to the people they are most trying to reach. Many other businesses are wasting time and money posting ineffective content or reaching out to people who are not at all interested in their services or message.

Social media may seem simple, but it is not something you can just do and be successful with. Trying social media is like trying a new complex sport without ever taking lessons. You’re going to crash a lot, and the lessons you learn will be mired in frustration.

We have been working with many types of businesses and institutions to craft effective approaches to social media since 2005. We have worked with the United States government as well as with solo authors, and with many businesses in between.

Our approach is to begin by understanding the target audience. Who are you trying to reach, and how do they use social media? Once we have profiled this group, we develop a content strategy and schedule that will satisfy the expectations of the target audience.

But we also take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the client. Some of our clients are not good at, say, writing short content. Or they are not visual. Our government clients had a lot of restrictions on types of content. Our goal is to create a process that works specifically for our clients, one that they can adhere to easily even when business picks up and everything seems overwhelming.

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