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We get high positions for our client’s content on search engines such as Google,

for keywords that are important to their business.

Your website may be your single greatest tool for attracting new people to your business, educating them on what you do, and converting them to clients or customers. It can also be an invisible afterthought, rarely seen by visitors and almost forgotten even by the owners.

Sometimes the difference can be the design or the content. But often the problem is that nobody can find you.

Search engine optimization is the process of tailoring good content so that is easily found by search engines. Good search engine optimization. often called SEO, uses keyword research to connect content with specific target audiences who are searching for something like it.

SEO looks at the algorithms used by major search engines and then addresses the primary factors used to find and rank content according to search phrases. These factors are often part of the content or the page, but may also be found outside of the website where others have chosen to link back to your website.

People sometimes divide SEO into “White hat” and “Black hat” techniques. Taken from old westerns, this terminology implies that White hat is Good while Black hat is evil. Of course that is not true. A better term for White hat is Organic SEO, and that is what we offer.

Organic SEO is committed to giving search engines what they seek. Though sometimes slighted as being less effective, good organic SEO is the most effective approach over the long term.

We have been doing SEO since 2000 and have seen the field grow, pass through many challenges, and transform itself. Our experience is that focusing on solid organic techniques has consistently provided the best results with the least risk.

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